On my way!

I am off! Almost. I’m sitting at my gate at the Vancouver airport for my KLM flight to Amsterdam. I’ll have a quick stop before heading on to Vienna, where it all starts!

I only have a tentative plan for where I’m going and which countries I’m going to hit; I’m just planning to book as I go. Tentatively, I’m planning to go south-east from Austria through Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and then over to spend some time in Romania before going south through Bulgaria and then back up through the Balkans. It’s a pretty ambitious plan for only two months, but if I’ll be happy if I finish even half of it.

Here’s to the first leg, a 9 hour flight to Amsterdam!


Kyrgyzstan: Here we go

Today marks the start of a new adventure! I’m on my way to Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic for a month-long position with the University of Central Asia, where I’ll be working as an English-immersion counsellor at their summer upgrading camp. While I’ve been to East and South-East Asia, and other post-Soviet countries in Eurasia, this is my first time to Central Asia and the Steppes, and I’m so excited to be here!

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Isla Baru, Caribbean Coast, Colombia

Isla Baru is absolute paradise.  It’s one of those places I close my eyes and dream of on a rainy day.  Sure, it’s quite isolated and not easily accessible, but once you get there you have no desire to leave, so the lack of mobility isn’t an issue at all.  We spent two nights/three days there, and although part of me would like to stay forever, it was a perfect little escape.

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Colombia: An Overview

Ten days in Colombia was not enough! From Feb 17 to 27 I went to Colombia with my Dad, sister, and her boyfriend.  It was by no means a backpacker’s trip – We stayed at some beautiful places and ate some really amazing meals.   In the ten days we visited Cartagena, Baru, and Bogota, and there’s nowhere I don’t want to go back to!

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