فل و خبز


The title of this post means “Foul and Bread”, pronounced “Fool wa khubz”, and is what I ate for breakfast!  Dad and I both woke up around 6am, jet-lag giving us some extra time to get ready this morning for our 9am tour.  Dad went to the gym, so after I got ready I wandered downstairs for breakfast!  It was held in this beautiful dining room, where last night there had been a USAid conference.  When we walked by last night I had to try so hard not to sneak in to listen!  We talk so much about USAid in my program, and it would have been so incredible to see a real conference go down.  Anyways, I was greeted by several of the incredibly hospitable servers, and was led to a table where they offered me Jordanian coffee (much like our coffee, but from Jordan, I guess) and was introduced to a beautiful buffet.

I was a little overwhelmed by all the options, but a really nice server gave me a quick “tour” of all the breakfast food available to me.  I mentioned I’d love to try something Jordanian, so he took me straight to a little separate table with a giant ceramic vase-like container, surrounded by small bowls of spices and herbs.  He explained that this is “Foul”, a traditional food served in Jordan and the northern parts of Egypt.  It consists of warm, crushed fava beans that you pour into a little decorated bowl.  From there, you add different spices and toppings as you like.  My server helped make it for me, and sprinkled diced tomatoes, onions, and several different spices atop the beans, before covering it with a generous serving of fresh olive oil.  Foul is served with bread and eaten with your hands, but he said it is also acceptable to eat it with a spoon.  I, of course, went for the bread option, not wanting to miss out on the french Jordanian bread I was smelling.

It was delicious, and my server (I wish I knew his name!!) informed me that I won’t be hungry until tonight!  Too bad Dad and I are planning a lunch stop at a famous Jordanian restaurant later today.  Somehow, I’ll try to squeeze it all in.

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