Day 9

Our street has changed colour. This morning when we stepped outside to walk to the Tram, the bottom half of all the buildings was this dark charcoal grey colour, and the top halves were all white. However, we did walk by a man with a paintbrush. When we got back from work, everything that had been charcoal was now this pink salmon colour. It’s so strange! The entire street looks so different now! It looks beautiful – I really like it. But it’s just very weird that some guy can just come by and paint everything and suddenly the whole street looks different.

Today was really great, as usual. At breakfast we watched as our host Grandma made this phyllo-like stuff that we later realized the family sells. She brought out this giant propane tank that was attached to a little heater, and placed this old thing that looked sort of like a hot plate on top. It looked as though if one spark flew in the wrong direction the entire medina would go up in flames, but she didn’t seem bothered by it. She had this giant bowl of dough next to her, and after folding it over and over and over she took a little bit and started touching it down on the hot plate so that a little bit would stick. Using her hands, she spread out the thin layer of dough onto the hot plate, the heat apparently not affecting her fingers. After briefly letting it sit, she peeled it off to create this very thin phyllo-type thing. It was so cool to watch!

School was good! Mom and I got to teach together, which was great, and we taught the class I did yesterday, and they’re my favorites. We reviewed the verbs from yesterday, and I added some new ones as well. It was exciting when they remembered a lot from yesterday, especially the one we deemed hardest, which was “I leave” to “I left”. We also had another spelling bee, and they’re getting really good!

After work we dropped our stuff in our room and had a little bite to eat before heading back out to go shopping! We realized that this would be one of our last opportunities to shop, since we’re doing the desert trip this weekend, and we wanted to make sure we got the things we wanted before leavings! Mom bought a tea pot with two little tea cups because our daily cup of Moroccan mint tea has been such a highlight. I fell in love with another purse, and bargained down pretty well for it! So I am no longer heartbroken about the bag in Fes. Mom also found a purse and a dress in the market, and I found a dress that looks similar to the traditional dresses that women wear here. So, all in all, it was a very successful shopping trip! Mom hates the bartering part, but I love it, so we got some pretty good deals. The man who sold us Mom’s purse asked me if I live here because he said he’s seen me around, so that was cool too!

We had a little meeting this afternoon with Thaqafat to make sure everything was going well, so we took advantage of the wifi and booked a little Riad for Thursday night in Marrakech – nothing as nice as our one in Fes, but it looks really cute and it’s right by the famous square and the souqs.


Dinner was crazy tonight! We counted 21 people, but there could have been more! It was quite the contrast to last night’s six! We had a huge Tajine with muscles and chick pea soup again, so I was very happy!

l7Abdulmajid took us out again tonight, and helped us buy our train tickets to Marrakech, so it’s official! After that we wandered around for a bit before sitting down at a little cafe and ordering tea – the usual. He said that on Sunday when we get back he’ll teach us how to make it! It’s actually so good and so unlike any other tea I’ve had! It will be hard to leave that behind. We sat and talked for a long time, all about what we’ll do when I come back next year, inshallah.

Walking back through through the Medina has become so normal now. There’s people selling literally everything under the sun. Seriously, we walked past a man selling goldfish in little fish bowls. Who is walking through the Medina and stops and says, “You know I really shouldn’t, but I did get a great deal bartering for that couscous, you know what, what the hell, I’ll take a goldfish!” But then you sort of realize that everything people want to buy is in the Medina. This is their neighborhood; it’s where they live. And unlike other Medinas, the Rabat one is not very touristy.

I can’t believe tomorrow is our second last day teaching. This trip is going by way too fast.


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