I had a whole post written out and ready to post, and then my WordPress app crashed and I lost it all. So here goes round 2:

We made it to Barcelona, the so-called city that naps in the afternoon and parties till dawn. We have yet to party till dawn, but it’s still a pretty fantastic place to be.

b4Barcelona is definitely taking some getting used to, though. Until now we’ve been enjoying the easiness of southern Spain, where no one speaks English and the only time you feel like a tourist is at the one big site. Up here in the big city it’s tourist central, and you can’t walk five minute without someone trying to sell you something or rip you off. Two Euro local brews with free tapas have turned into five euro pints of generic beer in bars full of tacky Americans demanding wifi codes and laughing at their own jokes. It’s definitely a different feel.

That said, I am learning to love this place. We arrived last night, after two relaxing days in Málaga spent on the beach, full of napping, eating, and burning, in my case. I wasn’t a big fan of the city itself, but we did have two of the best meals yet at a tapas bar called Tapea de Cervantes. It’s rated really highly on Trip Advisor, and we ended up going both nights because it was just so incredible. Alongside red wine, we had chicken croquets, grilled squid, Wild boar stew, seared tuna, and so much more. Mack and I are both big food lovers, so that was definitely a highlight.

Cup & Cake

Last night we wandered around our neighbourhood here in Barcelona. Our hostel is nice physically, but the crowd is not quite our style, with a lot of high school students on weekend trips from around Europe here to party for the first time and go crazy. For dinner we felt like a real meal instead of tapas, so we went to this famous hamburgeuseria called Bacoa, where we both had the best and biggest burgers of our lives. Probably strange to have such a great burger in Spain, but it was pretty incredible. Our hostel was organizing a club night, but we weren’t really up for a high school party, so instead we checked with reception who suggested a really great student bar down the road. This was definitely the coolest student bar I’ve ever visited. It was sort of like a tavern, and so much fun. There we waited until midnight and then did a shot at midnight to celebrate Mack’s birthday, who turns twenty today!

IMG_2278.JPGToday we explored part of the city, but generally took it easy since we are going out tonight for Mack’s birthday. We went to this amazing market called a Boqueria where we got sun dried tomatoes, olives, feta, and really nice lettuce to make a salad later. We also went on a hunt to find this bakery called Sweet Dreams to get Mackenzie some birthday cake. It was in the middle of the gothic neighbourhood, which was really great to explore (after some minor navigation difficulties!!)  Our hostel is in a more modern area, but this was really beautiful, full of winding streets and stone buildings. I somehow navigated us through the streets and we managed to sit down for some birthday cake and coffee, which was great!

Now we’re just relaxing before making our salad out of the ingredients from the market. Tonight we’re headed to a club called Razzmatazz to celebrate Mack being 20!


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