Flámenco Night

We just got back from one of the coolest nights of my life.

On our walking tour a couple days ago, our guide mentioned this Flamenco show the day after we were meant to be leaving. Granada is surrounded by these really beautiful and eery hills full of caves. Traditionally Spanish gypsies essentially squat in the caves, and they still do, but they are also sort of inhabited by international hippies, so there’s a German cave and an Italian cave, etc. So there’s this gypsy woman who doesn’t regularly put on Flamenco shows, but every full moon she invites people up to her cave for this special show.

So since we ended up changing our plans a little bit, it turned out we got to go to this show. We met up with our guide from the tour, and it was cool because he wasn’t doing this as a tour; he just really loves flamenco and wanted to see it and brought us along. We had to completely hike up the side of this hill to get to this tiny little cave over looking Granada. It was one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen; the Alhambra was all lit up and the big cathedral was unbelievable as well.

I don’t really know how to describe the show, but I’ll do my best. It started with this incredible guitarist woman who looked like Esmerelda with long, intense black curls who played the guitar like I’ve never seen before. A gypsy man sat next to her with shoulder-length hair, completely defining the gypsy look. He was the singer, and I don’t think I’ve ever head anything like his voice. He had so much control and passion, and it was just so intense and took over the whole hillside.

And then the dancer came out. She was stunning and dressed in this incredible dress and just owned the entire space. Her movements were so powerful and strong, and it was a really earthy sort of dance. I really can’t describe it at all, but it was just so beautiful.

I’m definitely no expert on duende, but that’s definitely the closest thing I’ve ever heard to it.



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