Granada 2.0

Anthony Bourdain says there’s something deeply wrong with anyone who comes to Spain and doesn’t fall in love with it, and I can safely say I have completely fallen in love with this city. We’ve sort of revamped our trip a little bit, so now we’re staying here an extra night which is great news! We were supposed to go to Ibiza for Mack’s birthday Saturday, but flights were so much more than we were willing to pay, so we’re doing an extra day here instead, and then we’ve added a quick trip to Malaga as well!

This city is incredible. Last night we went out to try and get some of Granada’s infamous tapas. In North America, tapas are essentially shared appetizers, but over here tapas refer to the free food served when you order a drink. I’m a pretty big fan of anything free, but ordering a beer (for $2 might I add) and getting free and delicious food is definitely one of the best deals I’ve ever come across.

g3So last night we went out for some drinks and tapas, and had some of the greatest food I’ve ever had. We started at a bar close to our hostel, where we met an American guy traveling alone and desperate for some company. He unfortunately turned out to be the stereotypical “tacky American tourist”, but we found that out a little bit too late. He actually told us that the problem with this country is that no one speaks English. We quickly informed him that the actual problem was him not speaking Spanish.

But anyways, we ended up finding this tiny little tapas bar down the road. The bartender was so sweet and spoke in Spanish with Mack, and even put up with my broken high school Spanish! Behind the bar were probably ten legs of Spanish jamón, which he proceeded to carve for us and serve on slices of fresh bread with Spanish olive oil. It was fantastic. Over the course of the night, we also tried olives (which I usually hate, but love here), the most amazing cheese, and a Spanish salami. I could not be a bigger fan of tapas.


This morning we woke up for a free walking tour of the city. I’m always skeptical of group tours like that, but this one was fantastic. Our guide was incredible, and he took us all over the city. Granada is so beautiful, and it was fun to see it with a bit of history mixed in. We walked so much; I think the tour lasted almost 3 hours! We finally climbed to the top part of the city that sits across from the Alhambra with the most amazing views.

We’re back at the hostel now for our siesta before heading out later to explore more of the city! I’m so happy we’re staying another day!



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