Here We Go!

Sitting at the airport, three hours early for our flight, and it does not feel real.


This past month has been a complete whirlwind; after working in London for the summer, I packed up and said goodbye to the UK, before spending six days in Vancouver, a week in Ottawa, and now two days in Montreal.  I think I’m on my own time zone, at this point.  But more than that, Morocco has been something to look forward to, way in the distance, for almost a year now, and I think that the longer you look forward to something the less real it feels.

So this is it.  Mackenzie and I are boarding our Royal Air Maroc flight to Casablanca in about two hours, where we’ll somehow drag our bags to the train station for a trip to Rabat.  Check-in was possibly the easiest check-in I’ve ever experienced (way to go Royal Air Maroc) and our bags were under the weight limit so we were very proud of ourselves.  They also have this great system where you just have a total weight allowance but as long as all your bags cumulatively weigh under the amount, you can check as much as you want! After being overweight the overweight allowance on my way back from London, this was pretty exciting.  So now we’re at our gate, and somehow it’s still not real yet.

Mackenzie and I are going to École de Gouvernance et d’Économie (EGE), which is a new school in Rabat meant for the social sciences.  We’ll be studying economics and politics, as well as Arabic, and whatever else they offer! I signed up for a Darija course, which is the spoken Moroccan dialect of Arabic.  It’s supposed to be a bit of a mix between Arabic and French, so I’m hoping I will be able to pick it up!

When we arrive in Rabat we’ll be (somehow) making our way to our new apartment in the Océan neighbourhood, where a woman named Nzha will meet us and help us move in.  I guess this place is normally a holiday rental, so they’re pretty pleased we’re staying as long as we are!

For anyone that followed my blog last time in Morocco I’m sad to say this one won’t be quite as regular as that was.  I’m aiming for once a week, but realistically the posts will be a bit sporadic – especially until we get settled.  But you can expect too many photos, random observations, and a little insight into Mackenzie’s and my four months in Rabat!

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