Last night in Catalonia!

Tonight is our last night in Barcelona! It seems like it’s gone by so quickly.

Last night we celebrated Mack’s 20th at this massive club here in Barcelona called Razzmatazz. It advertised hosting over 5000 people every Saturday night, and the party only really started at 3am, and went until 7!

We didn’t last quite that long, but it was really fun. It’s so upsetting that it’s difficult for two girls to go out without getting harassed. It’s not that this club was any worse than the ones at come, besides being bigger, but it’s disgusting how there’s this sense of entitlement to touch or comment. The question is always, “Were you safe?” meaning: did you look out for your girlfriends, did you accept drinks from strangers, did you cover your drink at all times and not let it out of sight? The real question should be: why do I have to protect myself on a night that’s supposed to be carefree and fun?


Today we saw Barcelona’s main event: Gaudi’s Cathedral. It’s completely indescribable, and unlike anything else in the world. From the outside it seems like this weird and random mix of shapes stacked upon one another with no apparent pattern, but somehow fitting together seamlessly. And then you walk around to the other side, where the cathedral has somehow completely transformed into this gothic masterpiece.

b2Then you go inside. The inside is so breathtaking and unbelievable, and you find yourself completely confused and bewildered but also amazed and just speechless. I kept trying to associate what I was seeing with different things to just make sense of it all, but there was no good comparison. The back sort of reminded me of ice and snow, but then bright and warm stain glass would but an end to that comparison. It didn’t at all feel like a cathedral, or have any sort of religious feeling to it. But it somehow felt incredibly holy and sacred in a bigger sense. It definitely felt like Gaudi’s expression of faith and God, rather than a grand replica of expected previous cathedrals. It was so beautiful. We were in there for over an hour, and for probably twenty minutes we just sat in silence and took it all in. What a way to spend your day.


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