Me Gusta Granada

We made it here in Granada last night, after a much longer day of travel than we expected! We left Tarifa around noon and had to take a little bus to Algeciras where we could catch the train to Granada. On our way to the bus we stopped in a little cafe and bought the best donut of my life. Literally I’ve never had a donut so filled with chocolate before. The only problem was that we were so full after eating them we didn’t consider we might get hungry later on our 7 hour journey so we didn’t pack any snacks or food at all. Big mistake.
We had to activate our train passes at the Granada station, which was very exciting! And after a long, hungry train ride we made it to Granada.

Our hostel here is incredible. It’s called Granada Inn Backpackers and it’s huge and clean and so much fun. After getting settled we signed up for Sangria Night. Our hostel puts on all sorts of events and activities, and Sangria Night is just what it sound like: all you can drink Sangria for 3 euros! The hostel has this amazing courtyard that almost feels like it’s indoor but it’s fully outside, so it’s really nice and cool, and that’s where we all sat around and drank Sangria, which by the way, is delicious. People are from all over the place; we’re rooming with an Australian guy and an Argentinian guy, and we ended up hanging out with people from granadaCroatia, France, Poland, Germany, Australia, and I’m sure I’m missing some places too. They convinced us to sign up for the hostel’s Pub Crawl, and before we knew it we were hitting the town and getting to know Granada by night. It was so much fun, and we ended up getting to know our roommate better and it was great to go out with people from all over the world. At one of the bars, a song we used to listen to in my Spanish class came on, which was so exciting! I knew all the words, which was pretty exciting considering all the Europeans knew all the other ones. Surprisingly, no one really danced, which was weird because I assumed everyone from Europe would be big dancers! I hate dancing and I think I was one of the biggest dancers last night!


Today we slept in quite a bit; I think we’re both still feeling the stress from Morocco! It’s not intentional, but you just naturally are a bit more on edge in Morocco. I’m sure we’ll get more used to it and be able to relax after a few weeks.IMG_1939.JPG

We had a really amazing relaxing day, just exploring Granada with our cameras. It’s such a beautiful city, and we had so much fun wandering through the little streets and looking at shops and everything. Most stores were closed because it’s Sunday, but we had a really nice lunch in this beautiful courtyard.

We’re back at the hostel now, and it’s surprisingly relaxing to be here. Tonight is Paella night, but before we found out we got groceries so we’re going to make our own pasta instead in the kitchen. Later the plan is to go out for wine and tapas!

I love Spain!!

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