Tarifa, Spain

We’re in Spain!!! After a long, but surprisingly easy day we are in Tarifa, Spain, in the cutest little hostel called Wake Up in Tarifa. I am already in love with Spain, and it’s only our first night, so I can’t wait to see what the rest of it will be like!

We woke up early (well, early by our standards, 9am by most people’s) and had to deal with a broken toilet situation. After carrying buckets and buckets of water to manually flush our toilet, a plumber arrived to fix it for us. Apparently it’s only a temporary fix, but it will work for now – especially since we’re in Spain for the next couple weeks!

We lugged our backpacks to the Rabat-Ville train station by foot in the smouldering heat, and arrived early enough to get some gelato and relax in Valencia Ice, the cafe at the station. There was a bit of confusion with the train because the sign didn’t get changed so we almost missed our train to Tangier, but we ran for our car and made it just in time as Moroccan train officials laughed at us.

The train was great, and four hours later we were in a cab on our way to the Tangier Port. I haggled our driver down from 60dirham to 40, but when it came time to pay him I was in such a rush that I accidentally gave him 40 Euros instead. So that’s definitely the best tip that guy has ever gotten, and I’m out roughly 450 Dirham. I hope he uses it well.

The ferry was beautiful and clean and only took about half an hour to cross over to Tarifa! It was so exciting to get to Spain; there’s definitely a different sort of feeling being here. You always sort of have your guard up in Morocco, and it’s nice be able to relax a bit before staring school.

15771_10154610715400523_4445782081247001441_nTarifa is a sleepy little port town, and is absolutely gorgeous. After Morocco, it seems very clean and civilized, and full of lots of young Spanish people. We had an adventure finding our hostel, but we finally found the Placa de Hiscio, this adorable little square where our hostel is. The hostel is amazing – we’re so happy here! It’s all white with blue highlights, and our room is just off the roof terrace, which overlooks the square and as an amazing view. We’re in a four person coed dorm, but so far we’ve only met one of our roommates, a guy we think is from Germany.

After making our beds and getting settled, we went out to the square to eat something. We IMG_1925.JPGwere pretty desperate for food at this point so we sat down at the first place we saw, a tourist faux-pas, but for us it paid off. We ordered dos cervecas and had fun navigating the menu. Mack speaks Spanish really well, so that’s already a big help. We shared seared tuna, fried squid, and tuna bombs, and it was possibly one of the best meals of my life. I’ve never had such amazing squid before. We also got free olives with our drinks, and neither of us normally like them, but we tried them and they were delicious!

We just got back from a little walk around town and a drink at a little local bar, and we’re exhausted! Tomorrow we head to Granada for three days, where we plan to eat as many tapas as humanly possible and maybe to some day trips!


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