The Basque Country

I am completely in love with San Sebastián. The Basque region is just perfect; I never want to leave. Everything about it is incredible. The air is sweet, the streets are clean, the food is amazing, and it’s everything I need!

We arrived yesterday to our little hostel called San Fermin in the heart of the old part of town. At first glance it seemed like it might be in a really tacky tourist area, but it turns out it’s actually so authentic and beautiful and great. We did some food research, and all the best little spots are within five minutes walking distance. Our hostel is great and clean, and really sweet! We have an eight bed room but currently it’s just us in it!

We got here with lots of time, so we did a little tour of the town. There’s twoIMG_2836.JPGbeautiful beaches here. One is for surfing, and the other is massive and beautiful and full of people. After doing a little tour, we decided to climb to the top of this little fortress thing in this park to watch the sunset. It was quite a hike, but definitely one of the most amazing things we’ve done so far on the trip! All of the sudden we were in the middle of a little forest, with views of the ocean every one and a while through the trees.

On our way back down, we started hearing what sounded like a men’s choir. I basically took off in pursuit of the music, and we found this men’s choir rehearsing, and just sat outside in complete joy until they finished. Anyone who knows me knows how important music, and particularly choir, is to my life, and this was one of the most special parts of the trip so far. I’m still smiling thinking about it. I took a quick video, but I’m having trouble posting it, so I’ll try in a separate post from Mack’s computer!


The basque cuisine is very specific and incredibly good. They have their own version of tapas called Pintxas, and apparently San Sebastián is one of the food capitals of the world! They have all sorts of Pintxas on display at every bar, and you go in and get a plate and sort of serve yourself and then pay all at once at the end. It’s a bit of an honour system. We have had SUCH great meals, with some amazing wine as well!

Today we had a beach day, and while it was super warm it was still overcast so I managed to not get too burnt. In the evening this amazing storm rolled in and we could see it happening from across the water. It was so beautiful; the lightning completely lit up the water and the clouds changed so quickly we could watch them come towards us. We got caught in the downpour, but it was completely worth it!


Tonight we ate even better than last night. We went to this amazing place called Borda Barri and ate some of the most incredible food. We had veal cheek (a local specialty) and pig ear, which looked alarmingly similar to the pig’s ear we feed to Maloney and Winston, but tasted out of this world. We also tried a special local Sidra, and this unbelievable cheesecake that was light a fluffy – another local treat.

We head to Madrid tomorrow for our last stop! I am not ready to leave the north, but I’m sure we’ll have amazing times in Madrid too!


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