Moroccan Circus

Just got back from a quick day trip to Casablanca!  Bianca had this crazy connection to some people here in Rabat through a friend, so Badr, a new Moroccan friend who is a circus performer, had a show tonight.  Badr is so sweet, and is the one who helped Steph and Bianca find their place in the Oudaya.  He studied at this special Circus university in Sale, and was doing a show as a part of this really cool festival in Casa called Boulevard.

So this morning we hopped on the train and headed for Casa.  We got there really early, so we did what the Moroccans do and sat at a cafe with some Nana (mint tea) for a while until the festival started.  Boulevard is this really progressive sort of festival that champions a new alternative movement in Morocco lead by young people.  It was such a cool crowd, and inside the festival gates the harassment was significantly lower.  A few teenagers asked for our picture, but other than that it was completely fine.

The circus show was unbelievable.  Badr and his troop were completley incredible, and put on such a great performance. They had all sorts of circus props and were so talented!  It was so much fun to see something locally Moroccan.  After their show, the music started.  The festival brings together all sorts of music that I couldn’t really pin down, but it was really good.

I started getting what felt like a concussion headache so me and Mack hung back (which also meant avoiding harassment).  Eventually my headache got really bad so we decided to head home early, but it was still really fun!

On the train ride home we sat next to these really sweet women named Naima and Habiba who invited us to their home in Rabat for couscous one day! They were so friendly, and helped me practice my Arabic on the way home.



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