It’s been a while!  It’s so hard to find the time to blog, especially with school work finally catching up with me.  I just had my most stressful week yet, and I’m so happy it’s done.  This week I had two presentations, two midterms, a paper due, and a final exam!  And all of that was straight after coming home from Rome!

Speaking of which, I was in Rome last weekend!  Even after all my quick weekend trips from London this summer, I’m still not used to how easy and cheap Ryan Air is.  Mack and I had been brainstorming about where to travel on the Green March Weekend, a holiday in Morocco commemorating independence marches in the Moroccan sahara to drive out the Spanish.  We had to leave the country sometime this month in order to renew our three month visas, and Ryan Air’s cheapest flight was to Rome, so it quickly became our top choice.  It helped that Rome is amazing, and both of us have been wanting to go back.  Two guys from our school also decided to come along.  Matt and Caleb are both from Virginia Tech in the US, and neither of them had been to Rome so it perfect.


Rome is just one of those cities that never gets old.  We arrived Wednesday afternoon after an early flight from Fes to the Ciampino airport.  Our hostel, The Yellow, was in the Termini district, which was really great because I’d never spent any time there before.  Initially we were hoping to be right in the historical centre, but accommodation is so expensive there so we opted to go a little farther out.  Termini is still incredibly central though, and it was a short walk to get to major sites like the Colosseum and the Spanish Steps.


After we checked in and made our beds and everything the first step was obviously to get pizza and a glass of wine. We didn’t do much research before choosing a spot, which Mack and I learned is essential in Spain, but somehow Italy did not disappoint.

Over the four days we were there we managed to fit in quite a few sights, but also just relax and wander around and enjoy Rome.  Since the boys hadn’t been to Rome before, we stopped by the Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain (which was under construction), the Pantheon, Castel St Angelo, and the Vatican.  All the while drinking wine at every meal and enjoying as much cheese and pork-product as possible!

IMG_4839I really love Morocco, but you don’t realize how much it weighs on you to not be allowed to dress and act the way you necessary want to or would otherwise.  It felt so nice to just completely relax, wear whatever I wanted, and not worry about excessive street harassment. It was a quick trip, but Rome was perfect!


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