Getting to know Rabat

What an incredible day!  Our house guests, Steph and Bianca, are incredibly cool, and we spent the entire day with them exploring the city and just having an amazing time.


This morning we took the tram to our school, EGE.  It’s a pretty long commute, but the school is beautiful! EGE has less than 300 students, which is smaller than my graduating high school class, so it’s just in one building, but it’s beautiful and big and very clean!  We met with Salma, our international advisor, and had a really great chat just getting to know her and clarifying a few things.  We didn’t actually get that much done, but it was really great to meet her and just get everything into place.
Next we headed to the Medina, where we wandered all around through different areas until we finally went back to a little restaurant that we ate at the other day for some delicious tagines.  It’s so different being here when people are eating in the streets because last time it was Ramadan.  The streets are way more full and people are so friendly and welcoming.  As we ate locals helped teach us from Arabic and Darjia, which was so sweet.

IMG_8966.PNGOn our way down to the beach, we took the regular route to the Oudaya,
because Steph and Bianca just found a beautiful house there, but we got stopped on our way across the road by this massive crowd of people up against portable gates.  We had no idea if it was some sort of demonstration or what, but it turned out it was a movie! And not just any movie: Mission Impossible 5, starring Tom Cruise.  It was so crazy! One second we were peeking between Moroccans and the next Tom Cruise is screaming down the stairs of the Casbah pulling his own stunts!  We all completely freaked out and stayed watching for probably half an hour watching Tom Cruise pull all sorts of crazy stunts in his car – I’ve never seen anything like it!


We finally made it to the beach, which was really beautiful and surprisingly clean.  We were told by a few different sources that it’s fine to wear a bikini
on the beach here, and we all felt really comfortable doing it! It was great to find out.  We didn’t get any unwanted attention; in fact, the only attention we got was a guy bringing us a little plate of fish from his barbecue with his friends down the beach.  It was such a beautiful day, and down by the water the air was so beautiful and fresh with an incredible breeze.


On the way back up, we spent a few more minutes watching Tom Cruise, before finally getting to the grocery store where we picked up things for dinner.  Bianca made us an incredible italian pasta and Steph made a really get guacamole, and it was a great meal!

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