2 Flights Down, 2 To Go

Every time they make an announcement in this airport it starts with this weird clip of angels singing, and I can’t say I like it. But that’s just one of the many things I dislike about the Paris airport, along with rude employees, confusing signage, and more terminals than I can count.

I’m at Aerogare 2D after a lengthy trek through the airport with several confusing bus rides; apparently Air Austria is slumped together with Easy Jet in the eyes of the French and is therefore given a gate at the far end of the farthest terminal in the whole airport complex.

But the point is I’m here, and by the looks of it, my airplane just pulled in, which is a relief because I’m still not entirely sure this is the place I’m supposed to be (see: confusing signage).

My next stop is Vienna, and then from there it will be on to Kosice, Slovakia for a few days. Slovakia wasn’t originally a part of the trip, with Georgia and Armenia being the main event, but since Dad’s already out here I’m meeting him in Kosice, so there’s a few days on either end.

I’m especially excited for the Slovakia portion of the trip now, though, because yesterday I met with Grandma to learn more about some of the family history in Slovakia, and I’m going to be nearby to a few towns where hundreds of years ago my ancestors lived. Trebisov will be an easy trip from Kosice and is where the Salamans on my family tree are from. Bijacovce is a smaller village so there’ll be a bit more effort into visiting the town where the Tomeckos are from, but since it’s such a small village not much has changed in the last few hundred years, so it’ll definitely be worth the trip. Plus, it’s right next to the famous Spis Castle, so at the very least I’ll get to see that.

It looks like I’m about to board; hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing to Vienna!


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