Bintan Island

Pictures from a relaxing weekend on Bintan Island, Indonesia.

My weekend was filled with homemade fireworks, tropical thunderstorms, rum and coconut water, and excellent novels.

It is absolutely amazing that in all the research I’ve done into weekend trips from Singapore, Bintan Island is not at the top of every list.  In two hours, I went from the middle of Singapore’s modern, air-conditioned downtown to this remote beach-side paradise.

My final destination for this weekend’s getaway was South-East on Pulau Bintan, about as far away as you can get from Singapore while still remaining on Bintan.  It’s rainy season, so with tourism being slower this time of year, a lot of the hotels and resorts put out special deals from Singapore.  Last minute, I managed to find a cheap package including all transport and one night overnight stay in a little hut perched on top of the water.

They weren’t lying when they said it’s rainy season; the lightning didn’t stop the whole first day I was there.  Luckily the rain eventually did, and even before that it was still exceptionally beautiful.  I spent a while sitting outside on the balcony listening the rain and watching the storms roll in and out.  Something I love about this part of the world is that weather is never a surprise.  You can see the clouds forming from a mile away, and you get to watch as the rain rolls over.

It was rainy, tropical paradise. Something about the weather made it so easy to relax with a book and listen to the rain thunder down. I had picked up a copy of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo for $2SGD at the Velocity Mall in Novena, near where I’ve been staying in Singapore.  They always seem to have different temporary tables set up selling everything from backpacks to candy; I got lucky with yesterday’s pile of used books.


Also noteworthy is the sunset I saw in Bintan; one night on the island was not nearly enough, but that one night is one I’ll always remember thanks to the pink that lit up the sky and the ocean. I was sitting at the beach on a bamboo beach chair when I happened to look up in time to catch the sunset. It wasn’t until the sun actually set that the sky lit up like that.  It just kept getting better.


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