Blue Mountains, NSW

The Blue Mountains are such a fantastic day trip from Sydney.  It cannot be missed.  In the eight months I lived in Sydney I went up three times, but looking back I’d like to go back a lot more! It’s also a few degrees cooler than Sydney, so it’s an especially great escape in the summer!


The Blue Mountains are about two hours from Sydney by train and it’s a very easy trip from Central Station.  There’s also relatively cheap tours you can do and obviously driving is an option as well!


There’s a few different stops in the Blue Mountains that all have different trails and things to see.  The most famous site is the Three Sisters, which is accessible from Katoomba.  Katoomba is also the biggest town along the way, and the only one with hostels and cheap accommodation for backpackers.  It’s where I stayed the one time I stayed overnight, and also my first stop on my other trips as well.  It’s definitely the easiest place to start and has the most infrastructure for visitors, although I’m sure the other towns are beautiful as well!


Three Sisters

Three Sisters is definitely the most famous site in the Blue Mountains and it’s pretty bluemount1impressive.  It’s made up of three rock formations that come out of the cliffs and into the valley.  The best view of the sisters is from the lookout at Katoomba, but there’s also a nice and easy trail that you can take along the cliff where you can actually climb down the first one closest to the cliffs and all the way into the the valley.  The stairs down are pretty steep so it’s definitely a climb back up, but the views are spectacular and it’s definitely work the climb!  The farther you go down the farther you get from the crowds, as well, which makes makes the hike a bit nicer.  I’d definitely like to go back and go all the way to the bottom but I’ve never had the chance!

Jenolan Caves

IMG_8621Another great stop in the Blue Mountains is the Jenolan Caves.  These are massive caves out in the mountains that you can take tours of.  The main tour, which I did, let’s you walk through the bigger caves to get a general understanding of how the caves were formed, but there’s also more intense tours where you get to wear a hard hat and do some actual caving.  The caves were incredibly beautiful with all different colours and formations.  We also had a fantastic guide who told us about science behind the rock formations.


The views you’ll get along the cliffs in the Blue Mountains are spectacular. I had to hop the fence to get this shot but it was absolutely worth it.  I really can’t get enough of the colours in these mountains.  The blue tinge comes from the Eucalyptus trees that made the mountain range famous and it’s pretty cool.


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