Iceland: An Overview

Iceland was an absolute dream!! Just under two weeks ago a found a great last minute deal and booked a spontaneous trip to Reykjavik.  Three nights/four days was absolutely not enough time to see the country, but it was worth it all the same, and definitely made a great getaway.

Iceland this time of year isn’t the typical place you’d escape to; the temperature is below-freezing and the sun doesn’t rise until 10:30am. But it’s also cheap this time of year and considerably less touristy, and with a $400 round trip flight from Montreal to Reykyavik it was a no-brainer.


I arrived to a rainy city in the dead of night and made my way from Keflavik, the international airport, downtown to my hostel.  The drive takes about 45-minutes; it’s easiest to book ahead with fly-bus for a cheap ride into town.  I only paid to get to the bus station, which in hind sight was a mistake – it’s worth paying extra to get dropped at your hostel.  Instead I was dropped in the pitch black at a bus station with no idea how to get where I needed to be.

Kex Hostel

1 Night – $50CAD

I ended up cabbing to my hostel – the most expensive 5min drive I’ve ever had! Luckily, the hostel made it worth my while.  Kex hostel is a pretty famous hostel in Reykjavik, and for good reason.  It’s located in a building down by the harbour that used to be a biscuit factory (Kex is Icelandic for Biscuit – disappointingly, they did not give out free cookies). The hostel let me wait in their beautifully decorated lobby until my bed was ready, and served a delicious Icelandic breakfast while I waited.  When I did eventually get my room, I was pleased to find out the hostel places solo travelers in rooms together to help people meet and socialize which is such a great idea – everyone in my room was great. The hostel also helped  arrange transfers around the country and day trips with their Kexland travel company which was very helpful.


Hot Springs

Secret Lagoon – $20CAD 

There’s some really amazing hot springs all around Iceland, with the most famous being the Blue Lagoon.  I wasn’t all that excited about spending so much money on such a quick trip to float around with hundreds of other tourists so I opted for the Secret Lagoon.  Somewhat less glamorous, the Secret Lagoon is a small, natural hot spring in the interior of the country, about an hour and a half from the capital.  I arranged a transfer through my hostel and spent my first afternoon fighting jetlag by floating around the hot springs with a glass of prosecco.  I would definitely recommend checking this one out for a quarter of the price of the blue lagoon!


Day Trip

Southern Iceland – $120CAD / 10 hours

I only had time for one day trip without a car so I went for the southern Iceland tour, famous for waterfalls, glaciers, and black sand beaches. I booked my tour through the hostel, but there are hundreds of tour companies and as it turns out they all run identical tours.  It was a full day – we left at 8am and didn’t get back until late evening.  I would definitely recommend this one if you are short on time.  We managed to pack in two amazing waterfalls, two stops at black sand beaches, a visit to the village of Wik, and a walk out onto the beginning of a glacier, as well as one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever done.


Overall, Reykjavik was an absolute dream.  I could not believe how easy it was to get there from Canada and how much I could comfortably pack into a long weekend. I’ll need to go back and explore for longer, but Iceland was the perfect escape.


One thought on “Iceland: An Overview

  1. Awesome post. Iceland is a place I’ve been wanting to go for so long… & I’m crossing my fingers that I will be able to go within the next year, so these were really helpful tips! I will definitely have to check out that Hostel’s website 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience!

    & if you’d also like to check out my travel blog, I’ll leave my link here!❤

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