Food & Drinks of Iceland

Travel is all about food for me, and in four days in Iceland I managed to pack in lots of the essentials.  I skipped out on some of the more touristy must-tries like whale and fermented shark, and went instead for Reykjavik’s classics, including Icelandic hotdogs, chocolate covered liquorice, and world-famous cinnamon buns. Overall, Iceland is a tasty place.

Hot Spring Prosecco

fullsizerenderOne of my favourite parts of floating around the secret lagoon was drinking a cold glass of prosecco! The little cafe offers wine and beer, some non-alcoholic drinks and snacks.  Everything comes in plastic cups so you can take it all into the hot springs with you.

KEX Hostel Breakfast

img_1190Kex hostel is not only a fantastic place to sleep; it’s also a great place to eat.  The restaurant is pretty well-known in Reykjavik and becomes a pretty happening place at night, but  my favourite meal I ate there was the breakfast buffet.  It’s not the cheapest start to your day – it’ll set you back about 20USD – but with mounds of pate, freshly-baked bread, and Icelandic porridge, it’s hard to pass up.  I ate there almost every morning.  It’s especially good if you’re heading out for a long day on the road.

Icelandic Hotdog

img_1372The famous Icelandic hotdog is not to miss.  I’d been hearing all about Reykjavik hotdogs since I landed, so on my last night I dragged some friends from the hostel to Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur, literally translating to “Best Hot Dog In Town”.  It was made famous when Bill Clinton came and ordered a hotdog there in 2004; it turns our the former president has good taste.  The hotdog is small and looks like any other hotdog until they lather it in ketchup, mayo, crispy onions, and this brown mustard that almost takes like peanut sauce.  Overall, it was absolutely delicious. Order two.

Laundromat Cafe

img_1360On the one morning I skipped Kex’s breakfast I opted for the Laundromat Cafe, a spot I’d heard lots about.  There are lots of places in town for a good breakfast, but something about the Laundromat’s famous big breakfast appealed to my hangover.  The cafe is downtown and apparently you can actually do your laundry there! My focus was on the food, though, and I ordered the big breakfast. It’s too much food but you sort of have to order it.  It comes with eggs, bacon, pancakes, mushrooms, potatoes, fresh fruit, muesli, brie cheese, fresh fruit, and chocolate pudding.  It was not only delicious but also helped quite a bit with the hangover.

Cinnamon Buns


Finally there’s the best cinnamon bun I’ve ever tasted.  I came across Braud & Co  by accident wandering down from Hallgrímskirkja but the smell caught my attention and I couldn’t help but wander in.  They sell all sorts of baked goods but their cinnamon rolls were straight out of the oven.  These buns were heavenly.  Braud & Co will be my first stop next time in Reykjavik.


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