Salkyn-Tor (Naryn Region)

Salkyn-Tor is a national park in the Naryn region of Kyrgyzstan, and it’s totally underrated. I could not believe the views from start to finish and can’t recommend this hike enough for anyone in the region.

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Day 2-5: Training

Today is the last day of training, which we’ve been doing for the last four days. From getting to know the university and the Aga Khan Development Network to playing team building exercises, we’ve covered a lot of ground and I’m feeling a lot more prepared for camp!

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Day 4: (Early) Morning Climb

There isn’t a lot of opportunity to get off campus because of the tight schedule and some local tensions, so when four of us got permission to get up early and try our luck at hiking up one of the mountains that surround the campus we jumped at it!

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Day 1: Naryn

I made it! I’m sitting in my dorm on the beautiful, brand-new Naryn campus of University of Central Asia.  After a long drive and a well-needed shower, we met the team and got to know the campus.  It’s been an incredibly long day and I’m excited to get a proper start tomorrow after a good sleep.

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Kyrgyzstan: Here we go

Today marks the start of a new adventure! I’m on my way to Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic for a month-long position with the University of Central Asia, where I’ll be working as an English-immersion counsellor at their summer upgrading camp. While I’ve been to East and South-East Asia, and other post-Soviet countries in Eurasia, this is my first time to Central Asia and the Steppes, and I’m so excited to be here!

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