On my way!

I am off! Almost. I’m sitting at my gate at the Vancouver airport for my KLM flight to Amsterdam. I’ll have a quick stop before heading on to Vienna, where it all starts!

I only have a tentative plan for where I’m going and which countries I’m going to hit; I’m just planning to book as I go. Tentatively, I’m planning to go south-east from Austria through Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and then over to spend some time in Romania before going south through Bulgaria and then back up through the Balkans. It’s a pretty ambitious plan for only two months, but if I’ll be happy if I finish even half of it.

Here’s to the first leg, a 9 hour flight to Amsterdam!


Food & Drinks of Iceland

Travel is all about food for me, and in four days in Iceland I managed to pack in lots of the essentials.  I skipped out on some of the more touristy must-tries like whale and fermented shark, and went instead for Reykjavik’s classics, including Icelandic hotdogs, chocolate covered liquorice, and world-famous cinnamon buns. Overall, Iceland is a tasty place.

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