The Basque Country

I am completely in love with San Sebastián. The Basque region is just perfect; I never want to leave. Everything about it is incredible. The air is sweet, the streets are clean, the food is amazing, and it’s everything I need!

We arrived yesterday to our little hostel called San Fermin in the heart of the old part of town. At first glance it seemed like it might be in a really tacky tourist area, but it turns out it’s actually so authentic and beautiful and great. We did some food research, and all the best little spots are within five minutes walking distance. Our hostel is great and clean, and really sweet! We have an eight bed room but currently it’s just us in it!

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Last night in Catalonia!

Tonight is our last night in Barcelona! It seems like it’s gone by so quickly.

Last night we celebrated Mack’s 20th at this massive club here in Barcelona called Razzmatazz. It advertised hosting over 5000 people every Saturday night, and the party only really started at 3am, and went until 7!

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Flámenco Night

We just got back from one of the coolest nights of my life.

On our walking tour a couple days ago, our guide mentioned this Flamenco show the day after we were meant to be leaving. Granada is surrounded by these really beautiful and eery hills full of caves. Traditionally Spanish gypsies essentially squat in the caves, and they still do, but they are also sort of inhabited by international hippies, so there’s a German cave and an Italian cave, etc. So there’s this gypsy woman who doesn’t regularly put on Flamenco shows, but every full moon she invites people up to her cave for this special show.

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Granada 2.0

Anthony Bourdain says there’s something deeply wrong with anyone who comes to Spain and doesn’t fall in love with it, and I can safely say I have completely fallen in love with this city. We’ve sort of revamped our trip a little bit, so now we’re staying here an extra night which is great news! We were supposed to go to Ibiza for Mack’s birthday Saturday, but flights were so much more than we were willing to pay, so we’re doing an extra day here instead, and then we’ve added a quick trip to Malaga as well!

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Me Gusta Granada

We made it here in Granada last night, after a much longer day of travel than we expected! We left Tarifa around noon and had to take a little bus to Algeciras where we could catch the train to Granada. On our way to the bus we stopped in a little cafe and bought the best donut of my life. Literally I’ve never had a donut so filled with chocolate before. The only problem was that we were so full after eating them we didn’t consider we might get hungry later on our 7 hour journey so we didn’t pack any snacks or food at all. Big mistake.
We had to activate our train passes at the Granada station, which was very exciting! And after a long, hungry train ride we made it to Granada.

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Tarifa, Spain

We’re in Spain!!! After a long, but surprisingly easy day we are in Tarifa, Spain, in the cutest little hostel called Wake Up in Tarifa. I am already in love with Spain, and it’s only our first night, so I can’t wait to see what the rest of it will be like!

We woke up early (well, early by our standards, 9am by most people’s) and had to deal with a broken toilet situation. After carrying buckets and buckets of water to manually flush our toilet, a plumber arrived to fix it for us. Apparently it’s only a temporary fix, but it will work for now – especially since we’re in Spain for the next couple weeks!

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