Getting Morocco Online


The last 13 years have been rich with change in the North African Kingdom of Morocco. With the coming of a new king, the beloved Mohammed VI, many things in the country have reformed, and most agree that they have changed for the better. One of the biggest changes, however, has been less talked about. Since the new millennium, Morocco has gone from having 0.3% of its population online to 50%, meaning there now are over 15 million people in the country who have used the Internet at least once (Internet World Stats). In just 13 years Morocco became connected and is now Africa’s leading nation in Internet penetration.

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Being a (Foreign) Woman in Morocco

Written by Heather Sherlock and Mackenzie Bartlett

On our second day in Morocco, Mackenzie and I took it upon ourselves to explore the neighbourhood where we live, l’Océan. We were cautious and tentative out on the streets, having heard horror stories about the kind of harassment women face in Morocco. In the few minutes it took to walk to the local grocery store, we were harassed upwards of ten times, consisting of “welcome to Morocco,” and constant attempts to guess where we’re from, including “hola,” buongiorno,” and “hello.” Naturally, experiencing street harassments leads to thoughts of more violent forms of sexism such as sexual assault. When we reached the grocery store, Mackenzie turned to me and asked, “What do you think the police would do if we called them about sexual assault or harassment? Would they help us?” Almost as soon as she finished her thought, we were catcalled from across the road. We looked up to see a couple of young police officers smiling and whistling. I guess that answered that.

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